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At Rosenberg’s, we have a large collection of plus size men’s shoes and boots for hiking and outdoors. At Rosenberg’s, you can find wide-fitting hiking boots and shoes suitable for all seasons and conditions. Get shoes that are designed to last and start your adventure today.

One of the most crucial gear decisions you'll make is choosing your hiking shoes. Your shoes will have a tremendous impact on the health of your feet. They decide how easily you can tackle your trail, whether it’s in a city or in the mountains. For our large-footed customers, finding the right shoes can be a challenge. Choosing a pair that fits well while giving you the perfect blend of comfort, traction, weight, and durability is crucial. Our team has brought together a great collection to offer you the best hiking shoes on the market.

Our collection of hiking and outdoor shoes can get you out there, no matter where you decide to go. Whether you want shoes for city streets, a camping trip or mountain trails, our shoes are tough and designed to endure. They will help keep your feet safe and dry. Our collection’s perfect fit, durability and performance mean that you have to look no further when you decide to start your next adventure. 

Find the fit for your adventure

The most comfortable shoes allow your toes to spread out and have padding that supports your foot. The shoe should have a strong grip and good balance to provide stability. It should include enough room to be able to have some flex so that it moves with your foot. For large-footed people, this is where the problem lies because shoes should be adjustable for a wide width. Your perfect hiking shoes should ideally also be breathable and adjustable enough. A great all-rounder and customer-favourite pair of hiking shoes is the Targhee EXP Mid WP.

Apart from fit, durability is a huge concern with hiking shoes. Traditional leather shoes will nearly always outlast lightweight trail runners in terms of durability. However, leather shoes can be too heavy for everyday use. If weight is a priority for you, search for runners with nylon reinforcements to achieve the optimal weight-to-durability ratio. Try out our Moab 2 Ventilator for a light breathable shoe that offers out-of-the-box comfort.

Another deciding factor while choosing hiking shoes is understanding whether they are waterproof or not. If you frequently hike in rainy, muddy terrain, waterproof shoes can be a lifesaver. Waterproof shoes can easily take on rough weather. However, they aren't very breathable on hot days and can be slow to dry when wet. Non-waterproof shoes are lighter and more breathable, and even if they become wet, they dry relatively quickly. The Gypsum Mid II is a great option for waterproof shoes that are breathable and offer great support to your foot.

Because fitness is such a personal thing, what works for one person may not be the ideal option for another. Finding your best fit means understanding your foot needs and comparing between options. Our team is happy to support you in making this choice. Feel free to visit our store, write us an email, or contact us. No matter where you are in Australia, our staff will be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect pair of shoes.