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What a week so far!

With an abundance of boxes still flowing into the store, the girls have been crazily upacking and sorting all the amazing new arrivals. Rachael has a desk overflowing with paperwork and the upstairs office are busy photographing and loading all of this wonderful stock online. We are working as quickly as possible to get stock on the shelves and onto our website, so you can all get a glimpse of our Autumn/Winter 2016 styles.

I myself have been helping out the girls (making quite a mess) loading up our SALE shelves, making way for our new season display. If you're not quite ready to rug up for the cold weather, or just want to stock up for next season...

Date Posted: 20 February 2016  

The first time I laid eyes on Ziera 'Renegade' I fell in love. 12 months later, they have just arrived in-store (in my size, yey!) FINALLY the time has come to try them on! Yes, I am still totally in love with the design. I have always been rather fond of a military-style boot. The gorgeous leather and amazing comfort I knew would be a given. After all, this is what Ziera are famous for. No question that these boots will be going home with me, and if you come in and try them on I am sure you will leave with a pair or maybe even two!

Us Melbournians are certainly well known for our love of dressing in Black from head to toe, but for me personally...

Date Posted: 17 February 2016  

Our wonderful staff are incredibly excited, and with good reason!

We are currently being inundated with delivery drivers bursting through our front doors with fully loaded trolleys. This means for us and for all of you...NEW SEASON STOCK!

With summer shortly coming to an end, you certainly will be needing some fabulous new additions to that shoe collection of yours. And fabulous...we have! The girls have been busy trying on the new arrivals (purely for research purposes of course). Soooo many favourites already.

Keep your eyes peeled for new stock appearing online in the coming week and of course in-store.

We cannot wait for you to ...

CONGRATULATIONS to Lachlan McKinnon for completing the 2014 Run Melbourne Half-Marathon!

Rosenberg Shoes has been sponsoring Lachlan in his athletic endeavours for many years and is proud to have him bear our name during this greulling event held every year in our great city.

Standing tall at 206cm, with feet to match, our relationship with Lachy began in 2009, a former AFL player for Essendon Football Club, Lachy turned his attentions to rowing in 2008 with the Mercantile Rowing Club and has had continued success in the field since, winning numerous medals and honours in his sport.

With a double degree in...

Dr. Martens, Fashion and Youth Culture - inseparably melded together.

Loved by rockers, rebels and fashionistas alike, docs epitomise free-thinking, counter-culture and a rebellious spirit.

“Dr. Martens created a watershed silhouette, an off-the-shelf design classic that has quite literally allowed generation after generation to paint its own personality on to those humble uppers, sometimes literally.”

It all started back in the era of flower-power and dandyish psychadelia: Pete Townsend of The Who (pictured right) famously donned a pair of black 1460’s- and stood out...


Just because you are tall doesn't mean that you have to miss out on taking advantage of one of the privileges of being a woman-wearing high heels!  Who out of us doesn't want to look and feel sexy on a night out on the town? If you are already tall adding a couple of inches (or six) only emphasises the fabulousness of your frame. Why look dowdy pairing flats with a fabulous evening outfit?

There are plenty of examples of how to pull it off in the celebrity circuit.  These ladies cause a stir wherever they go, demanding attention and influencing almost everyone around them. Take your cues from some of the tallest and most beautiful women in th...


This letter really touched our hearts here at Rosenberg’s.


Dear Stuart Rosenberg,

Your latest hard copy catalogue has prompted this tribute to your firm, of which I have been a customer for at least 50 years and I would like to tell you about it.

I was introduced to ‘Messrs D. Rosenberg’s’ in 1961/62 when I moved to Canberra from Sydney. A work colleague who suffered similar problems to mine – 5’9” tall, size 11/11.5 shoe – and who had found it virtually impossible to purchase fashionable and comfortable shoes here – gave me your details.   I made my first tentative and extremely nerv...


To make sure that you get maximum value out of your shoes, we've compiled a list of common reasons why your shoes might be wearing out earlier than they need to.

The Accused: The Marinator

The Crime: 'I love these shoes so much, and they're perfect for work AND weekends! I'm going to wear them to work EVERY day...and weekends...and sleep in them!' 
'I'm a dude, I only need one pair of shoes'

The Sentence: You will have stinky shoes that break down from the inside out.
We've all had a pair of shoes that we lo...