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Are you a large footed man with an active lifestyle? or just looking for sports shoes? We got you. Here at Rosenberg, we've been covering lovely large feet since 1903. We've been on Chapel street for over a century and we're trusted for a reason.

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Our shoe collection is perfect for larger feet, and we have a range of styles to choose from. If you're looking for sports shoes, we have a great selection. Our shoes are designed to support your feet and give you the comfort you need when you're active. From comfortable cross-trainers to stylish sneakers, we've got the perfect pair of shoes for every guy with big feet.

Here we are presenting the two best sporty brands we carry, browse our site for more options. 


One of the most well-known sneaker brands in the world, and they make a great option for men with large feet. Their signature shoe, The Chuck Taylor All Star, comes in sizes up to 18, but that is not the only precious high top they provide. They have a few other styles that come in larger sizes, like the Jack Purcell and Weapon.

Converse has been so long worn by youth, that its original adopters are now nearing retirement. If that's your case, it's okay. Converse's allow you to be safe when taking on harsh physical activities. 

G4 Heart of the City 

If “ball is life”, then these shoes are for you!  The G4 Heart of the City are perfect for those who live, breathe, and sleep basketball. From the hardwood to the blacktop, these shoes will help you take your game to the next level. They’re perfect for men with large feet, as they offer plenty of room in the toe box.

Many men with large feet have difficulty finding nice looking high top shoes that fit them properly. You no longer have to be one of those men with the G4's.

These cool high tops bring what was known in the early 2010s as “swag”. They are simply one word, cool. They feature a design that was popularized through the arrival of streetwear brands like Converse in the 80s. Asides from looking great, they allow you to gain an advantage over the competition on the basketball court. They are bouncy enough, and the fact that they’re padded hightops means your ankle is protected at all times. 


A trusted household name when it comes to sportswear. Asics is a Japanese company that produces quality shoes for a number of different sports. They also have a good selection of shoes for those with larger feet. 

The GT-1000 10’s

One of Asics’ latest creations that's fit for overpronators, and they don’t disappoint. They have a sleek design that makes them look good.

The GT-1000 10’s are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. Walking on them feels heavenly. The gel technology in it is surprisingly lightweight. Protecting your heel from discomfort during active times. These shoes will make you feel like you're floating on air no matter what activity you're participating in. Suitable for soccer, running, and basketball. The cushioning allows for shock absorption for faster runs and safer landings when you slam dunk on your opps. 

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