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Work safety boots are not just for work anymore. Made popular by 'fashion forward' tradesmen - or as they are better known locally, tradies - in Brooklyn. Their roots come from the working class. The tool-wielding, hard-hat wearing, working class. That is who we gear our workboots towards. 

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Depending on the type of work you are doing, you will need to choose the right work boots for the job. Here, we list some of the work boot options we carry and talk a bit about the work environments that they'd each be best suited for. Work boots are reinforced with steel, making them durable. More importantly, they are protective of your feet. The re-inforced front protects your toes from falling heavy objects that can incapacitate any worker for days. 

The toes are not the only parts of this shoe that are re-inforced, the bottom sole is also re-inforced, in case you step on a sharp object. Fully protect your feet from all angles and all possible work hazards.

Our Workboots For Large Feet


Gumboot by Hepworth, with steel toe reinforcement, come in three colours, white, black, and moss green. With the black being half length, and the other two being full length. This boot is a stable of the Rosenberg workmen shoe range. This shoe can deal with a lot of hard work. These boots are reinforced with the best available PVC components. With an Alloy sole protecting the bottom of your feet. 

Hard Yakka

The pinnacle of what work boots can be. The Utility’s are a popular choice for stylish tradies. It looks good and feels good. Even after a full workday. Your feet won’t be barking at you at the end of the day when you go with the true to the name Utility by Hard Yakka. 

Comes in two colours, tan and black.

Wide Load

We have a variety of Wide Load brand shoes. A popular one from that brand is the 690BZ, from their 690 range. While this brand is just over a decade old, it became an instant hit when it came out in 2009. It’s affordable, yet sleek and functional. It came at a time when the world needed it most, and it is still very popular today. The 690BZ is a few steps away from the early designs of Wide Load products. Where-as earlier Wide Load brand shoes were layered, this shoe is injected with polyurethane. 


Rossi is a shoe brand that can be worn at work, or on a night out on the town with the boys. We carry two of Rossi’s work boots. The Endura 303’s, and the Trojan 700’s.

The Endura Claret 303 design has been around for over three decades for a reason. They’re an impressive, lightweight, and stylish design. They are comfortable, even for lads who happen to have larger feet than the usual guy. It’s topped with kip leather that ages beautifully. Rossi shoes are shoes that you keep for a long time. 

The Trojan 700’s on the other hand are reinforced with a safety toe. The design is iconic of the Rossi brand. The sole of this shoe can withstand the heat of up to 300 degrees celsius. They are oil and acid resistant and great for most work sites.