Men's Slippers & Ugg Boots

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Rosenberg’s collection of men’s slippers and ugg boots are a wardrobe staple. With a wide choice of styles, colours and sizes, you can find comfortable slippers and ugg boots for a relaxed night in or a casual night out. Browse our range and make your shoe dreams come true! We have handpicked only the best slippers and ugg boots for your plus sized feet.  

Men’s Slippers

In all seasons and at all hours of the day, the slipper has become the ideal indoor shoe. Some people love them because they offer good support around the house, while others like them because of the warmth they provide. Regardless of your reason for wearing them, slippers are a staple item of your wardrobe that gives daily comfort and protection in the home. Choosing the right pair of slippers is important because these are the shoes you wear at home. They should not be overlooked if you have foot discomfort or sensitivity.

Rosenberg’s offers a range of slippers in different fits and colours for your daily needs. Our collection of plus size slippers ensure that our large-footed customers can find both comfort and style in their wardrobe. We have slippers made of leather and cloth. William by Court House are Australian-made leather slippers. Made with soft leather and a padded heel, these slippers are durable and protective. For some good old-fashioned warm slippers, try the Givani Mr. Big Slippers. Available in different colours and sizes, these are the adaptable slippers for everyday use. The soft fabric lining will keep your feet warm, while the rubber sole will give you a strong grip. You can just slide into them and get exceptional warmth and a snug fit. 

A staple of any Australian wardrobe is wild goose sheepskin products. Genuine Australian-made shoes crafted from premium sheepskin and lambskin products bring your exceptional comfort and value. The Moccasin slippers from Wild Goose will keep your feet warm and cosy throughout the winter. Breathable sheepskin interior keeps your feet comfy, and a tough lambskin exterior makes sure that these slippers last longer. 

Men’s Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are Australian basics. They use high-quality sheep skin. The inner fleece and outer skin sides of an ugg boot have been processed to provide the velvety comfort that these boots are famous for. Sheepskin is a supple, comfortable and durable material. You should choose ugg boots made of sheepskin over synthetic materials because they are scratchy, and non-breathable. Sheep skin breathes naturally and allows air to circulate freely. Our fine ugg boots keep your feet warm and dry while looking stylish. 

The Rosenberg collection has 2 signature ugg boots. The Wild Goose Premium Short Ugg sits above your ankle, and the Wild Goose Premium Long Ugg goes up till mid-calf. Perfect for chilly days, these stylish and comfortable shoes are available in two colours. 

Whether at home or out on an adventure, your feet deserve comfort and style. Browse through Rosenberg’s range of plus size men’s shoes for every occasion. Get in touch with us, order online or visit our store at Chapel Street to shop today.