CONGRATULATIONS to Lachlan McKinnon for completing the 2014 Run Melbourne Half-Marathon!

Rosenberg Shoes has been sponsoring Lachlan in his athletic endeavours for many years and is proud to have him bear our name during this greulling event held every year in our great city.

Standing tall at 206cm, with feet to match, our relationship with Lachy began in 2009, a former AFL player for Essendon Football Club, Lachy turned his attentions to rowing in 2008 with the Mercantile Rowing Club and has had continued success in the field since, winning numerous medals and honours in his sport.

With a double degree in Communications and Commerce Lachlan is currently pursuing a career in Media Production as well as continuing his dream of reperesenting his country in the sport that he loves.

We wish him the best of luck in his future pursuit of Olympic Gold, rowing for Australia.




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