Dr. Martens are back! Wait... they never left...

Dr. Martens, Fashion and Youth Culture - inseparably melded together.

Loved by rockers, rebels and fashionistas alike, docs epitomise free-thinking, counter-culture and a rebellious spirit.

“Dr. Martens created a watershed silhouette, an off-the-shelf design classic that has quite literally allowed generation after generation to paint its own personality on to those humble uppers, sometimes literally.”

It all started back in the era of flower-power and dandyish psychadelia: Pete Townsend of The Who (pictured right) famously donned a pair of black 1460’s- and stood out- standing for something, well…different. This became the essence of Docs and those who wore them, individuality and self-expression being key.

Function quickly turned into fashion when Dr. Martens were taken up in sub-cultures as a homage to the British working classes- the style quickly taken up by punks, skins, two tone, Oi!, hardcore, psychobilly, goth, industrial, grebo, grunge, Britpop, emo … the list goes on and has been embraced in modern fashion, worn by any number of celebrities, especially those who want to show an edge…


Just as popular today as ever… Get the look HERE




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