A Tribute to Rosenberg's


This letter really touched our hearts here at Rosenberg’s.


Dear Stuart Rosenberg,

Your latest hard copy catalogue has prompted this tribute to your firm, of which I have been a customer for at least 50 years and I would like to tell you about it.

I was introduced to ‘Messrs D. Rosenberg’s’ in 1961/62 when I moved to Canberra from Sydney. A work colleague who suffered similar problems to mine – 5’9” tall, size 11/11.5 shoe – and who had found it virtually impossible to purchase fashionable and comfortable shoes here – gave me your details.   I made my first tentative and extremely nervous phone call waiting to be told ‘we don’t stock anything in your size’. Quite the contrary it seemed and, after some initial euphoria over a choice hitherto unknown, I made a selection and was delighted a few days later to receive an enormous parcel of some 6 pairs of shoes, sent entirely on trust, and all of which of ACTUALLY FITTED! I could not believe my luck.

Over the years I relied on Rosenberg’s to come up with the shoe I wanted and was never let down. My first visit to Chapel Street was quite amazing, all those SHOES and no one expressed any doubt that there would be something for me, even if not quite what I had wanted.   Like ‘normal people’ I could buy satin shoes to be dyed to match specific outfits, sandals, flats, little heels/high heels, boots (you provided shoes for my wedding) – you cannot imagine what a difference this made to someone sensitive about height and large feet. I had truly found shoe utopia. Since discovering Rosenberg’s each visit to Melbourne included a trip to Chapel Street. An unfortunate sign of the times and unprincipled folk have removed some of the earlier magic as no longer can one anticipate the arrival of exciting parcels of shoes, on trust, but the service remains excellent and long may this continue.

Advancing years and health problem have meant my visits to the shop have been severely curtailed for many years now and it is not as easy to purchase without actually trying on as formerly. However, if what I see online does not give sufficient information, there is always the telephone.

Thank goodness Mr Rosenberg, your great grandfather elected to migrate to Australia all those years ago. Little did he know how many women (and of course men) would be so very grateful to him!

I send you my sincere and very best wishes for the next instalment in this family business history.

(Mrs) Anvida Lamberts January 2013




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